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    This book features the contributions of twelve subject matter experts whose topics address a range of significant issues relating to the Messina Strait Bridge Project.



John Accordino, PhD, AICP is Professor and Director of the Center for Urban & Regional Development at Virginia Commonwealth University.  His research and teaching focus on economic development policy, planning and evaluation at the regional, metropolitan and local levels.  Recent publications address investment targeting models for community revitalization, anchor institutions as community development partners, the economic impacts of historic tax credits, and comparative international analysis of commercial district revitalization in the United States and Italy.




Piero David, PhD, is an economist and teaches Economics and Applied Economics at the University of Messina.  He writes regularly for “” and “” on recent economics and policy topics.  He also advises localities and regional organizations on economic development and planning projects.  




 Emilio De Domenico, PhD, since 1987 Full Professor.  Lessons and research activities were carried out at Science Faculty of several Universities (Messina, Cosenza, Cagliari-Italy) and in different working positions.  Now he covers the position of full professor of Biological Oceanography at University of Messina, Italy.  His research interest is mainly evaluating water masses-microbial communities’ relationships in pelagic deep environment, deep anoxic hypersaline basins in Eastern Mediterranean Sea and hydrology of the Straits of Messina.  In the period 2004–2013 he produced more than 80 scientific papers and oral presentations.




Fabrizio Fasulo, PhD, is Research Economist in the Center for Urban & Regional Development at Virginia Commonwealth University.  His research focuses on economic and fiscal impacts of policies and programs in the United States and the use of Structural Funds in Europe, commercial district revitalization, regional economic change and comparative development policy. His recent publications address investment targeting for community revitalization, the economic impacts of historic tax credits, and comparative international analysis of commercial district revitalization policy.



 Letterio Guglielmo, PhD, since 1990 Full Professor in Ecology at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Messina, Italy.  His research interests, summarized by more than 180 publications, include mainly the role of zooplankton and micronekton in the carbon cycle and in the pelagic food chain of the Mediterranean and polar areas, micro- and mesozooplankton species as bioindicators in marine, brackish and freshwaters ecosystems.  Over 120 months accumulated research experience at sea including chief scientist in 7 Italian Antarctic expeditions. Co-editor in 5 Springer-Verlag books and 2 Special Issues. 



Matteo Lanzafame, PhD, Assistant Professor of Economic Policy, Department of Economics, Business, Environmental Sciences and Quantitative Methods (SEAM), University of Messina.  His research focuses on Economic Policy and Applied Econometrics, primarily in the fields of Growth and Development, Macroeconomics and Regional Economics.





Michele Limosani, PhD, Professor of Economic Policy and Vice Rector of Financial Resources, University of Messina.




Massimiliano Maisano is an electronic engineer. He worked as an officer in the Italian Navy for 14 months and in a world-wide semiconductor company for 8 years. He works at University Hospital of University of Messina with the position of chief of ICT Department. He also works as Project Manager.




 Roberta Minutoli, PhD, since 2002 works at Faculty of Sciences, University of Messina, Italy.  Her research activity, summarized by 30 publications, involves mainly: application of ecotoxicological biomarkers on zooplankton for environmental monitoring of coastal marine ecosystems, transition areas and river environments; role of zooplankton in pelagic carbon cycle, estimated by the Electron Transport System (ETS) activity; ecology of mesozooplankton, micronekton and ichthyoplankton; microplastic impact on marine food chain and effects on zooplankton. 




Giovanni Mollica, engineer.  He worked in Rome, Stockholm, Toronto and Sicily as a manager of commercial, touristic and shipping companies.  Consultant for Eurolink consortium that was to have built the Bridge.






Giuseppe Muscolino, PhD, since 1990 is Professor in Structural Engineering. Today he serves as professor of Structural Dynamics at the University of Messina (Italy). He is author or co-author of 4 books and of more than 250 scientific articles concerning: deterministic and stochastic dynamics of structures, mechanics of structures with uncertain parameters.




Patrizia Marcella Scalisi is a Project Manager Professional (PMP) certified by Project Management Institute (PMI). She worked in a world-wide semiconductor company for ten years. She worked for four years as CIMS Executive Director and Project Manager of the Center for Integrative Mediterrarean Studies, which was a consortium of the University of Messina, Virginia Commonwealth University, and the University of Córdoba (Spain).  She works providing services in English, Spanish and Italian.


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